Skiing in Tahoe

Мороз и солнце, день чудесный…

Well, it was sunny the first day. The second day it was insane …

So, under the leadership of the big snowboarder Constantin five of us went to ski this President’s Day weekend. Constantin rented 4×4 Jeep with snow tires which greatly improved our traveling speed, especially Friday night. It was already snowing qwuite well, the temperature was below zero C and CA50, as a result, was under the requirement to drive with chains.  Still, even though we traveled fast we made it to South Lake Tahoe at ~2AM.



Originally uploaded by ilya_ktsn

Early morning start with some continental breakfast provided by the warm owners of the Vagabond Inn and we were off to the slopes in Sierra At Tahoe.

The weather was great – a bit sunny and cold. This produced dry and cold powder (not that I am a big aficionado of it, but still nice).

Strange thing that I have noticed before – people in this ski resort are generally much skinnier and in a better shape than the general population. I guess it will not be very save to ski down if you are overweight. Also, it probably makes sense for people who like to ski to stay in shape – it is quite a physical activity after all. What I’m wondering about is if the portly people actually care about any of this. Probably they don’t even want to go to any outside activity.

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