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National Atomic Testing Museum

National atomic testing museum, part of the Smithsonian, is right next to the Las Vegas airport. One more interesting thing to do in Vegas if you are not into gambling or shopping. Website. Another thing to do in Vegas. Advertisements

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U.S. Space Walk of Fame Museum

One more interesting museum to visit – U.S. Space Walk of Fame Museum in Titusville, FL. The museum is part of the Space Coast area in Florida. The U.S. Space Walk of Fame Foundation was created in 1988 when a … Continue reading

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Scuba Diving in the Desert

Yes, it is possible to scuba dive in the middle of a desert. A high desert that is. Apparently there is an old Titan missile silo in East Washington, near Royal City, that was flooded by rain water. One group … Continue reading

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Intersting Museums

US Air Force Museum Opens Expanded Space Gallery in New Hangar. There is an article about it here. A very cool place to visit in Dayton, Ohio.    

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One command ftp with error reporting

In the previous post I’ve wrote a one line ftp control using expect. It looked pretty good and it worked. Then I stumbled upon curl … and I had to rewrite the script. With curl the entire script could be … Continue reading

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Expect ftp with error reporting

I had a problem that required automating access to the ftp file transfer. This could be resolved with a simple expect script. There are many expect scripts on the net. However, they are all seem to be overly optimistic with … Continue reading

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Modern C++: What you need to know (talk by Herb Sutter)

Interesting presentation by Herb Sutter on the modern C++. The video won’t play very well on this page, so grab it from here. There are different formats and slides available for download. Strangely enough he spends considerable amount of time … Continue reading

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