Ohlone Regional Wilderness

Beautiful winter hike in our regional wilderness area. The map is here. The photos are here.

Well, this was the second visit to this peak – 3817-foot Rose Peak. Last time the group was there we hiked it from Del Valle from the East. This time it was from the West. Mr “V” was the leader both times. This hike, however, was rather uneventful – no one got lost (well, there is no need to ask for trouble with injuries, so it was perfectly fine that there were none). I have met many people with whom I hiked before. We were catching up on all the recent news and activities. 

Shoot, my muse is gone and I can’t really say anything interesting about this hike any more. It was good. The weather was nice, nature was green, physical activity was quite adequate. I should make more effort to talk to people more not just being lost in my thoughts all the time.

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One Response to Ohlone Regional Wilderness

  1. jettagirl says:

    Cool map tracks. =) Funny how you can see our speed totally increased on the way back. The risk of getting locked in and having to learn to create fire with a vehicle was a good incentive to get back before 6pm. 😉

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