Camping at Gualala River Redwood Park. August 2018

Once again going to the Gualala River Redwoods Park. Originally I was just planning to go with Sam. I was a bit concerned about taking 2 months old Nora to a forest. Rita mostly wanted to go, understandably, anywhere. So we all went. I wasn’t sure whom I was worried about more – Nora or my father-in-law. Neither of them were seasoned campers. Well, I was hoping we could get a nice trip in the end. However, I wasn’t sleeping well the last night.

Friday, August 17, 2018

I left work early. Essentially after lunch. The idea was to get going early to arrive in some reasonable time. I had to do some errands and there was also a team lunch with old VMEM people. However, I’ve completely messed it up. I thought the lunch was at the Firehouse at downtown Sunnyvale. But instead it was at the Faultline. Bummer. The bigger bummer was that another time I saw one thing written, but I understood something else entirely. Aside from occasional screw-ups it actually worries me. It is like I’m sloppy and absentminded.

After all the stuff was loaded into the new CR-V we picked up Sam and headed North. It was the regular traffic jamming. One right around the golden gate bridge and around Santa Risa. Once we passed that it was great driving. It was really – the scenery was great and it was still light. Nora was actually taking the trip quite well. Much better than the first car trip we did with Sam who was actually older at that time. In the end we reached the campground before dark. Nice.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Jenny arrived at around 11PM. I had to come out and greet them. In the morning there was a regular routine. Rita’s dad brought enough food to eat for several days. Apparently the campground is fancy enough that there is a power plug at every site. We could have brought a lot of cooking tools.

In the morning Rita’s dad decided to play his flute. I’m always a bit concerned when he does it. Who know how people would react, and they can’t really talk to him. But people were quite happy with his playing. It seemed to have resonated nicely between the redwoods.

Afterwards we just went to “the beach”. Sam mostly was throwing rocks. I was looking to maybe swim, but I didn’t bring the proper clothes. Jenny ad her boyfriend went to some other event.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

We packed and headed back home. It was a long drive that could be handled in a pleasant way. We stopped at Bodega Bay for some sea food. Rita picked a place called Fisherman’s cove. The place was crowded. The food was … reasonable. Well, i like some seafood, but oysters isn’t my cap of tea, yet. I really don’t get what the hoopla is about. After that we headed straight home. The drive was easier than I anticipated.




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