Stay at Avila Beach,CA November 2017

I was trying to find and interesting B&B to stay over during the drive to LA. Something in the middle. After some search on google maps I found this place called Inn At Avila Beach.
It is an all inclusive hotel. It isn’t exactly all inclusive in the tropical resort sense with tons of food available 24 hours. They serve decent breakfast with eggs, very good coffee, and pastry. There is some open bar between 2 and 5PM also with coffee, pastry, and sad pizza (also beer). And some local pies with ice cream at 8M. Not too bad. I can probably live on that.
The staff at the inn was very friendly. The lady showed me around the area, talked about the features they have like bike rentals and beach towels. Very good. They recently gotten a liquor license. So now they had a very large, locked, cabinet with all sorts of drinkable goodies. The only problem is that that lady wasn’t a drinker. As a result, she couldn’t recommend me any of those bottles.
We arrived mid afternoon. It was still light and almost at the end of their afternoon eating. We had sad pizza and chips and stuff. Sam was mostly loading on chips. After that we went to stroll on that short promenade. There were nice swings on the beach. We were basically stretching time till the 8PM pie with ice cream. The pies there were good, from some local bakery. Ice cream was fine. Sam is really into ice cream now. But, luckily, he doesn’t eat that much yet. We spend the evening trying to get Sam to take a shower in that weird shower room and searching for some places to go around.
I the morning I got up earlier than the others. The breakfast the hotel provide starts at 7AM. I went up the roof to see a rather glorious morning. I’ve gotten good coffee, some egg dish, and scone. I could enjoy some amount of peace and silence and beauty.  Then Sam woke up and the regular running began. He ate something, we checked out. The host said that we can still use the services during the day. We went to a tiny local park next to the Avila Beach Aquarium. I like aquariums. But this one was a bit too small for the price they were charging. So we stayed at the playground. Man, I forgot that multicolored parents are not the norm. The parents at that playground were primarily very white women with their white kids. Very few men. It seemed like those women were stay at home wives of some rich dudes that lived in the area.
Then we had some of our leftover heavy Chinese food back at the hotel’s kitchen and went to the beach. It was a bit weird to play at the beach in late November. I wasn’t prepared for it. Some people were swimming even though the water was quite cold. Sam eventually started playing in the sand around some family. I don’t know if he is shy or his lack of English makes him weary of other kids. I’ve never really seen him play with others per se. Maybe he does this in the daycare.
Closer to Sunset we went to the roof for some freebies and headed to LA. There was still one place left to explore in Avila – trail leading to Avila Hot Springs. I was searching what to do in Avila and found this great place. Well, another reason to visit this place.
On the way to LA we passed through Pismo Beach. I drove through it several times and always wanted to stay there. But Avila is a much better place.
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