Car Camping in Tahoe. Sept 2016

Went to Lake Tahoe for some car camping. Two nights required Friday off. It was good because the drive to was just insane – 6 hours. We arrived late, way late. And Sam was just besides himself. It was a difficult sleep for all of us, but especially Rita. I don’t think we should do it again. Next year I will buy a 3 person tent with more gear for Sam so he can sleep properly. I hope he will sleep by that time.

Saturday, September 10

In the morning we eventually rolled out of our tent and went around. The campground was clean and neat. The bathroom was a bit far though and also the water source. There were, however, a lot of edible pine nuts on the ground. A small nut with one wing. It would rotate on the way down allowing the seed to be flown further with a possible wind. Unlike the nuts I was founding around the Bay Area with ~1mm shell thickness, these local Sierra nuts were just like sunflower seeds. And they were everywhere. So after some setup we went to the local West Shore Market for some food. Rita gotten a burrito and I had some pastry and coffee.


Out team-mates woke up a bit late. The other team-mates weren’t coming either. So, after some food, I picked a trail to hike and went on to it.

The trail was Rubicon Trail in the Emerald Bay SP. I was hoping to drive to the park, leave the car, and hike as far as possible along the Emerald Bay and come back. The map showed the trail to be on the flatter side. The trail also lead passed some sort of Vikingsholm Castle. I actually never been there so it should be interesting.

Apparently a lot of people had the same idea because all the possible parking spots around Emerald Bay on Ca89 were taken. Well, we also started a bit late. My plan was to bypass all of this madness and park somewhere in the Eagle Point Campground and walk from there.

The campground looked very nice. It seemed to have been recently remodeled. It was also closed. There were a couple of parking spots right next to the closed gate. At least we gotten lucky there. The hike started on asphalt. I thought I would just go to the end of the campground and start the trail. However, the campground ended, but trail didn’t start. In reality the Rubicon Trail starting from a small obscure amphitheater used for some presentations. I’ve missed it on the first pass, but then I found it. The trail itself was very nice  – relatively flat and shaded. We were able to get to the water quite quickly. Then we looked around the visitor’s center and just stayed on the beautiful beach.

There were some kids playing in the water. Sam was a bit shy first. But then he stated doing almost the same things as those kids. I wanted to leave sooner, but Rita wanted to stay. In the retrospect it was better because we skipped the main heat time. The way back wasn’t that hard – just slowly climbing the trail.

dsc_1455We arrived to the campground to the full active cooking by our friends. Just the fire wasn’t there. There was enough food to feed several groups like ours. A lot of booze too. Kids managed to occupy themselves relatively well. They also didn’t try to get bare hands into the fire. I was surprised Sam didn’t do it.

It was interesting to see the difference in age. Even Ayan, who is a bit more than a year older than Sam, focused on other people and communicated. Sam, on the other hand, was rather absentmindedly picking things to play with, without much direction. Give him another year or so.

Sunday, September 11

The day was supposed to be rather slow. We would slowly do something and then start the long drive back. As a result we slowly packed our things and wet to Kings Beach on the North shore. It was recommended by Girish. dsc_1463Sam was a bit reluctant to get into water.But eventually he even started running after birds, which didn’t end well with Sam falling into water. I also took a dip, finally, to wash away my sweat and dust. That was nice if a bit “refreshing”.

The drive home was uneventful and fast.

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