Amaluna in San Jose

There were a lot of advertisements for this event by Cirque Du SoleilAmaluna. Cirque Du Soleil has tons of shows. It seems that they are the only provider of shows in Las Vegas. But going there is a bit of a hassle. Since they came here to the valley I though it may be interesting to see what it was (plus a coupon really helped).

The venue was temporary – traveling circus basically. A bunch of tents with proper modern equipment like lighting, toilets, shops, etc. The actors were from the company, but the support staff was local.

The show looked like a mixture of a rock concert and gymnastic performance. It didn’t have trained animals, for example. Funny, but it looked like Chinese Opera thing. But it was solid non-stop performance with pretty much every person in the troupe doing something all the time (not like “I did my element and then I’m done for the evening”). Not too bad. There was nothing specific there to this or that audience or group of people. It could have been shown anywhere in the world (aside from some lunatic places that don’t like people in tight costumes).


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