Model of God in the Universe

This very deep and impressive title is really about one simple idea that I’ve picked up somewhere. I just find it very interesting. Here it is, somewhat paraphrased:

We can view God as some omnipresent entity that is always sticking its nose into people’s affairs. Well, I suppose it also applies to any conscious beings living on other planets. The Christian Church is trying to convince us that this God also left a manual for the Universe – The Bible – and all is in there, we just have to decipher it. He could have left the same manual in our own DNA. It could be much more reliable. But I suspect it would be too advanced for the Church to comprehend. But this ‘manual on a table thing’ is a bit … boring. 

Consider this idea: this God just created the Universe (or a Universe) and left us there. Think of a simple first person shooter game (like Half-Life). We – a representative of intelligent species in this Universe – are running around solving the puzzles in this game and figuring out how it works (and doing other nasty stuff to each other unfortunately). And when we thought we were done with this game and resolved all the puzzles, this dude appears (think of that corporate guy from the same Half-Life game – the G Man) and says “Good job. Just wait till you see what I have in store for you on the next level“. Then he leads us through this door and we end up on another level and the Universe is even weirder that we could even imagine.

If one looks at the history of science this analogy will make some sense. We [the humanity] first thought that the world was flat and that was all there was to it. Then we found that the Earth was round floating somewhere and everything was fixed moving around it. Then it turned out that there is the Sun and our planet is moving around it along with all the other planets and there were possibly billions of planets around other billions of Suns. When Quantum mechanics came it became really weird. But that wasn’t all. Now there is this dark energy, among other things, and I’m sure that once we figure it out there will be something else even more bizarre, sorry, cool.

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