Radiolab Apocalyptical

This Nov the 13th, we visited the live show made by one of my favorite NPR shows RadioLab called Apocalyptical. It was surprisingly full. The Flint center in Cupertino was way full with a line of cars blocking Stevens Creek road. That wasn’t my first visit to the Flint center, but it was the first time it was that full. It was nice to see that I wasn’t the only one crazy enough to like RadioLab.

They made a relatively interesting show with 3 stories. All of them about ends. They went over all the glory details of the end of dinosaurs – that meteorite and what happened after it hit.

The above video shows how the matter would go back up into space after that major meteor hit. And then rain down little glass balls all over the planet heating everything up (the glass was created from cooling rock that was vaporized during the impact). Everything was cooked in the oceans down to 300 ft. The regular mud, however, being relatively poor heat conductor, would be fine to the depth of several inches. So a lot of creatures would survive including small mammals. The dinosaurs were done in a mere 2 hours! (right, let’s talk about the purpose of our space program)

Then there was a story about Pepto-Bismol, mostly related to the element Bi – Bismuth – as its main ingredient. How is it related to ends? Mostly because Bi – Bismuth sits in the periodic table at the end of the elements that could still be found in nature.

And the last story was about two older actors who were suffering from Alzheimer but were still able to act. They actually did a play that was related to this – Endgame by Samuel Baker. The play is about two men trapped in a room after some apocalypse with not much resources left just waiting for the end.

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