Twin Lakes, Sequoia NP Trip. Aug 23-25

A short weekend trip to Sequoia National Park mostly for my nephew Joseph before he goes to UCLA. The hardest part of this trip was to find a good place to go. It shouldn’t be too strenuous and close to LA. Sequoia National Park was just right. It was actually as close to LA as to Bay Area. It just had this annoying drive on a very winding road to get to the starting point – Lodgepole campground. Joseph got me scared that he won’t be able to drive there at night and on the winding road. I was afraid that he, and his friend Jeff, would only make it there by dawn time. Surprisingly they arrived about half an hour after us. Even though Girish was driving his Subaru like a maniac.

Saturday, August 24

Started slowly. The good thing about Lodgepole campground was that it had all the needed infrastructure, including the visitor’s center that could issue permits, store, and eating place. As a result, while my teammates were slowly rolling out of bad and doing their chores, I went to the ranger station and successfully gotten the permit for the desired area – twin lakes trail to Ranger Lake.

Sunday, August 25

All we had to do is go back down.

Trail map.

Peeler Lake

Photos are here.

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