Meeks Creek Traverse. June 2013

The summer is here and it is time to go to the mountains. I was trying to find some other place to visit around Tahoe (Desolation Wilderness), but the same old Meeks Creek Traverse route that was done exactly a year ago turned out to be the most convenient for this time. So it was done again. This time around there was no dog. Other than that the group was 50% the same.

Friday, June 21, 2013

The normal Friday evening start time. There were three cars total. I was driving our small PriusC with 3 people. We have gotten into William Kent Campground, which took a little less time to find this time, around midnight after stopping at some Thai place on the way. On the way Parul was communicating with Damon who was driving the second car. It turned out that that second car had a mechanical problem – it was overheating. So the group had to stop somewhere on the way, stay at a motel, and attempt to fix the next day. But as a result we had the entire large campsite to ourselves.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Get up and get going. Perhaps I’m getting older and/or gaining thicker skin and fat, or maybe I’m just developing sweet tooth for good bread, but what used to be just a simple oatmeal at the campground now I’d like to visit some nice coffee house for breakfast. This time around it was Tahoe House Bakery & Gourmet. While we were consuming nice fresh pastry and coffee some updates came in from the broken car group. Turned out that Kim’s car had just a broken temperature sensor, fixing it would make the car operable. After that the broken group can join us. It may take a couple of more hours, but it could be done.

We did the car shuttle and started hiking around 1PM. It was a bit too late, especially due to the hard time we had finding parking at end. We just started right enough to get the message from the other group that their car had been fixed. They knew the route, the days were long, so we should see them before the sun goes down.

This year the weather was good on Saturday. We reached the same campground on Rubikon Lake by about 5PM. Rita and Rachel went off talking about their busyness that they almost missed it. I had to stop them. DSC_3870
The weather was nice. Warm enough to swim in the Rubikon lake. None of that strong wind and cold nonsense we had last year. However, the lack of wind brought mosquitoes which bothered some people. The only problem was that Rita had some stomach issues again.

The second half of the group cam at around 7PM. They were a bit tired trying to get to the camp on time. We’ve had the usual relatively dispersed dinner. Then, when it gotten dark, there was a use of that nice North facing ledge – good place to watch the full moon. We even saw the space station – it was a very bright satellite going North to South.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

In the morning the weather changed. The report did promised some rain, the probability doesn’t mean it would really happen. The group got it together fairly fast and we were off.

Initially it was all climb, climb, opening up good views thought.
Gray clouds were gathering providing nice if manacling background. Interstingly, we saw a couple of trail runners. Not sure which route they were doing. Perhaps they would just run in the couple of hours what took us two days to hike. Well, technically this route could be done in a day hike. Just carrying all that food and shelter and stuff takes effort. We reached Velma Lakes by lunch time. However, it started drizzling and there was no mood to swim any more. I munched my meager lunch and continue.


A couple of hours later the storm has passed and we were treated to a marvelous view of Lake Tahoe. The bright blue sky makes for a bit uninteresting photos. Added clouds always provide some variety.

Reached the cars without incidents. Damon & Parul decided to take a slightly different route to the left. But they were treated by some ranger who actually checked the permits (!) that the didn’t have on them. Hehe, stay with the leader, people. And I had to pick them up while driving back because the expected hike on the Tahoe rim road was more iffy than expected.

That was all. We stopped at some Shanghainese (of course) place in Davis, which was average quality, and gotten home before 9PM.

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