Busy Weekend of June 15/16

Rita have been giving me a field about hiking all the time. I was giving her field back for not planning anything. So she did.

Saturday, June 15

This day we went to San Francisco. First there was a bit of walking around the market in the Ferry Building. I believe she wanted to visit some fish cooking class, but we were late. Still we mingled there for a while, had some clams and empanadas. Then moved on to the next venue.

The next venue was some sort of festival in North Beach. Regular stuff – lots of crappy food, all sorts of crafts and contraptions, photos. On this festival there were many bluegrass bands playing. The festival span several streets which allowed many bands playing at the same time in different ends without disturbing each other. We mingled there in the windy cold and finished it with a nice dinner at Caffe DeLucchi. The reason that place was chosen was the nice looking tiramisu that someone was eating when we passed this place.

Sunday, June 16

This day she found a couple of tours in Stanford Cantor Art Center. There was a sculpture tour. It showed one piece that for my two years in SU I have shamefully never seen. There was some interesting explanation about the Rodin sculptures. Then there was a general museum tour. I didn’t realize how many interesting art pieces were there in the museum.

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