Avatar and Rango

Two great movies that I saw, along with millions other people, – Avatar and Rango. Why, on earth, would I want to talk about these two movies in the same post? Well, mostly because I like them. But aside from that they are very similar – they both portray a journey of a hero. This journey starts from a completely opposite direction. The protagonist himself is not even planning to become that special person (well, specimen, since Rango isn’t strictly a human).  In the case of Rango he actually lied to the citizens of this town Dirt. In the case of Jake Sully – he didn’t lie, but didn’t really tell the full truth either. But in both cases the journey starts innocently enough. However, at some point the hero has to face the main question of his journey (strange, why is it that the hero is always male?), a sort of “to be or not to be” question. This is the time when the initial fun and games end and the real life begins. This is the time when our hero has to decide how much he is willing to pay for this imaginary game world. Some heroes don’t want to pay, but I guess movies are not made about them (well, sometimes, but in that case they are relegated to some secondary roles of some old potential heroes who wised up and advising the main protagonist).

What the difference between Avatar and Rango is the emotional struggle that the main character goes through before he steps on the path of a real hero. Rango goes through exile, then some soul searching, even sees a ghost, before he returns to fight. Jake Sully, on the other hand, just basically runs into a war. That element was very surprising to me. He was a wounded war veteran after all. I would think that he would be rather reluctant to get into one more deadly fight. Well, perhaps the use of an avatar made it easier – after all who would be dead was the avatar, not Jake himself. However, the lack of this struggle scene (it would be so cheap to make in comparison to the overall budget) made Jake look less human. Rango, in this case, though being just a mere chameleon seemed more human.

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