Huffingtonpost mentions one of my photos

So I usually post my photos to Flickr under Creative Commons license. Meaning, as I understand it, anyone can use, just site me as the source. Sometimes my photos are selected for different guides or web sites (like this guide about McCarthy). Today I found that Huffingtonpost used one of my photos (this one) in their story about Google virtualizing roads in our national parks.

Not sure why they picked this one. I can’t say it is the best photo I’ve taken. It also doesn’t really do justice to the Redwood NP. Shouldn’t a photo of Redwood NP show redwoods? But it is still fine. The place shown on the photo is way in the boonies. It is on some off-beat trail that is almost overgrown with forest – perfect for hiking. It was taken after we (especially me) had our asses handed down to us by the small creek we tried to bushwhack. It had some many old fallen redwood trees that it wasn’t possible to walk, or rather crawl.

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2 Responses to Huffingtonpost mentions one of my photos

  1. jettagirl says:

    No way! That’s super cool Ilya and they couldn’t have picked a better photographer to highlight in their slideshow. I’m very impressed. Keep up the great work! =)

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