Meeks Creek Traverse. June 2012

The summer is here and it is time to go to the mountains. Originally I wanted to go summit Mt Tallac. It should have very nice views of the blue Lake Tahoe. However, I’ve missed the permits for that area. Desolation Wilderness, it appears, is a very popular place (for a good reason). Thus the forest service limits the number of people who can go to particular places. But I found a different, just as good, place to camp that required a fairly short car shuttle.

The plan:

  • Leave Friday, June 22nd, evening and stay at William Kent campground.
  • On Saturday morning do the car shuttle and start hiking from the Meeks creek trailhead. Stay for the night at the Rubicon Lake.
  • On Sunday finish the hike.
It was a fairly easy trip as far as the terrain goes. We started from a higher place than the end so there wasn’t that much climbing over the two days. The car shuttle was simple too – about 10 min or so of driving on the same road going around Tahoe. On the second day, while we were coming back down to lake Tahoe, the views were spectacular. Velma lakes were actually great – fairly large lakes with a lot of small islands (mostly rocks sticking out from the water). It would have been a fine trip if it wasn’t so windy and cold on Saturday.


Photos are here.
Full map is here.

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