Water in Gasoline Engine

The thought of this came while I was watching “Gas Hole” on Hulu (couldn’t they come up with a better name? Seriously). The movie seemed strange and full of all those conspiracy theories. Like one inventor of another a lot more efficient gas engine in Las Vegas was bullied by some oil companies. But that besides the point.

Then I did a bit of research on the water with gasoline engines. It turned out that there are a number of gasoline+steam engine designs already. Lots of patents that can be found on Google. Interesting article about Bruce Crower’s Six-Stroke Engine can be found here. The general idea is that on the last cycle, instead of starting anew, the engine injects water into the cylinder. Since the cylinder is very hot the water turns into steam immediately and pushes the cylinder again. The benefits are several: (1) more power for the same fuel use (or reduces fuel consumption), (2) the engine is cooler (colder), thus reduced the need for cooling system, (3) reduced emissions.

Very interesting out of the box thinking.

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