Helping with Benson Hut

On the weekend of October 22, 2011 I participated in the maintenance trip to the Benson Hut. The same damn hut that we didn’t make to in the snow last Christmas. Sierra club organized this work. Well, they own the place (I suppose), so tey need to maintain it. They provided one night stay in the Clair Tappaan Lodge, food, tools, and some guidance. We just provided labor.


There were 18 people total with the guide. Quite a diverse group of folks from different places. They were mostly white, however. Girish and Manali were the only non-white participants. Perhaps the Sierra Club should reach out more.

I was chopping wood for two days. The other work involved some masonry, painting, carrying water and chopped wood, window fixing. Due to the winter storms there were a lot of trees down, so there was a lot of wood to chop.The idea was to store the cut pieces for this and next year.

It was a fine weekend with great weather. I finally found where that damn Benson Hut was. It was also great to work outside. Perhaps a bit difficult due to high altitude. Surprisingly it was very warm at night. I’ve slept outside with no tent and was quite comfortable. There was no wind on that ridge at all.

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