Science Fiction

Science fiction is fun. I always liked it. It is still fiction per se, but for some reason I find the regular fiction a bit boring. Or I just don’t get it. Also, science fiction usually has a lot of scientific stuff in it, which is always interesting. It is fun to entertain thought experiments of what could be or could happen.
But getting good science fiction isn’t easy. It is particularly getting more and more difficult the more education I acquired. Sometimes you are reading something and thinking “what was this person doing in school? Was he sleeping during physics class?” Yes, sure, technically all SF is bogus and filled with technologies that are impossible, at least right now. But still, a work should be logical within a certain set of rules that the author sets at the beginning.

A couple of months ago I was looking for a small light book of stories to take to Alaska. So I decided to try this Year’s Best SF14. What a great choice! The authors did a great job of selecting very interesting collection of short SF stories. I was not disappointed at all. On top of this, they preface each story with a short information about the author and his other works. In this case if I like a particular author’s style I can read more of his fiction, longer ones.

Great job, guys, thanks a lot.

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