Ice Cream Attempt

Suddenly I have realized that there is no unflavored ice cream in the stores around, not even in Whole Foods. Under unflavored I didn’t mean vanilla flavor – no flavor at all – just milk and other stuff. So, I decided to try making ice cream myself. Once receipt I found here with cream and eggs. For some reason I didn’t feel comfortable with that receipt of just frozen milk in a Ziploc bag.

  1. Well, first attempt has failed – the mixture curled. However, my wife said that she will eat that as a dessert. Weird.
  2. Second attempt
    1. One egg yolk
    2. One table spoon of sugar
    3. Half a small carton of Half&Half
  3. For some reason the mixture is getting icy – you can see the forming ice crystals like in the freezing water. Something isn’t correct probably.
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One Response to Ice Cream Attempt

  1. ritaxinchen says:

    It’s similar to the dessert “double skin milk”, just without “skins”. That’s why I ate it as dessert.

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