Anyway, I kind of figure out what can be used to plant stuff (it seems that there will not be a community place in our condo association). We can just buy one of those rectangular plastic big boxes. They used to keep ice and junk food on picnics. Haha, now they will be used to grow organic food. Well, not they since we can probably only afford one, maybe two.

According to this site the container have to be well designed. I suppose we can put a layer of gravel on the bottom and a layer of synthetic soil after it.  Synthetic soil is nothing to be afraid of. It just some pile of garbage made of wood chips, peat moss, sawdust, vermiculite, or perlite. It will probably decompose after a while anyway.

Stay tuned to see how this unfolds.

Newly created two raised vegetable beds and one dwarf citrus tree:


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One Response to Gardening

  1. jettagirl says:

    Sounds intriguing. I look forward to hearing how your adventures in gardening turn out. Good luck! =)

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