Real Estate Choices?

The time has finally come for us to become bourgeoisie. This will be done by owning a piece of some sort of real estate.

Now the Silicon Valley is a good place to live in. It has all a person needs for happy life – air, water, nice weather, food places, etc. This may imply simply living in a tent. That would be very nice and cheap, but I don’t think the society will allow it.

The search for place to buy is actually quite painful and annoying, really. Not only you have to go through a mountain of paperwork, but also all those choices (or lack of them). For example, I have a rather European tastes in real estate – small but functional.  Kitchen should be large, living room and bathrooms can be small, the higher floor the better. In this country it is all the opposite. Apartment can be either big or very big. We’ve seen designs with bathrooms larger than some living rooms. I mean ok, fine, larger is not smaller, I can live with that. The problem is that larger also means expensive. 

We will build you an insane palace for all the money the you ever earn.

I guess this is the motto of the builders. After all they are selling air, literally. The more air they can pack the more profits they will make.

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