Life is a Choice

This blog post kind of summarizes some of the most important life truths. In reality, we all know all of them. We just have to be reminded about them, periodically. All this daily rat race tends to shift people off balance. At least for me. You have all those things to do, you become worried, anxious, etc. Then start losing the big picture.  Maybe all these worries will not even register 10 years from now. All those little things, things that you think are important.

Do what makes you anxious, don’t do what makes you depressed.

That’s a very simple motto. Sounds good, isn’t it. But it is also very difficult to implement in practice because it will force you to make leaps, jumps into unknown darkness, and this is a scary thing to do. Scary. Yes, I admit it – I get scared also. I’m not an easy person to change. “Will it work, is it the best choise, etc.” I’m human as everyone else.

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