Henry Coe Again

This past Saturday I participated in the hike in the second largest State Park in California – Henry Coe SP. Under the fearless leadership of Mr Viyasan we did grueling 20.9 miles with rather insane elevation again.  The plan was actually more ambitios than that – he wanted to traverse the park from Hunting Hollow entrance to entrance on the other side (don’t remember the name) with the total milage of 25 or so miles. A marathon.

Well, as it always happents, the reality was a bit different from the plan. The day was first cold then hot then windy. People were struggling. I actually brought a backpack to train for Wrangell trip. The terrain was brutal – no switchbacks. Going up was fine, but going down was a torture. People were cramping also. And we run out of time. So at the end the trip was cut short.

But at the end the trip was great.

  • I met many people whom I haven’t seen in a while. Like Jenny, who can still, even with injured knee, kick some.
  • It wasn’t very hot, which I was afraid of.
  • And hopefully I have gotten good training out of it. 🙂
  • Almost forget – I almost stomped this beautyCalifornia kingsnake. It was coiling in the grass when we were walking. I got a bit scared. Not from the snake, but actually from almost stepping stepping on it with my heavy boots. There is no need to kill such a marvelous creature (besides it is not dangerous). This was pretty much the highlight of the hike.

The map with all other data can be found here. Sorry, not photos this time. For some reason my photo muse is gone and with her my desire to make pictures. Maybe she will be back for Alaska.

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One Response to Henry Coe Again

  1. ilya1725 says:

    Man, my hips are still sore. That was good training.

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