Fire Security

So, the hotel where I’m staying in Suwon – Ibis Hotel – has many interesting features:

  • There are no certain floors – like 4 or 13. But I guess it is customary in Korea. Number 4 is associated with death. I don’t know what number 13 is assosiated with. Maybe they don’t want to scare some westerners. There is one eating place next two Samsug that has several floor. In that place floor 4 was replaces with F
  • Simple fire escape line

    Simple fire escape line

  • Also, my room has Simple Descending Life Line. It is a rope with some wheel and stuff in a plastic box. I guess the idea is that in case of a fire or something I will be able to escape using it. I wonder how they plan for me to use it since the window is bolted shut.  Well, perhaps it case of a fire this will not be an obstacle. 
    • Hm, I wonder if they provide some training how o use these Life Lines. Nope, I didn’t ask them.
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