Eating Tools in Korea

It is strange but Korean people use primarily chopsticks and spoons for eating. So the normal arrangement in the traditional restaurant is two metal chopsticks and metal spoon. I’ve seen mostly metal tools, which is good for the environment 🙂
Metal spoon and chopsticks
I have never seen, the traditional places, of course, forks or knives. There is no doubts that if you ask they will bring, but normally they are not given.

The metal chopsticks are often used as knife for some not very hard foods. Actually, the places that roast meat or boil some food usually employ scissors to cut stuff. It is rather convenient, much more convenient than using knife and fork.

The spoon is rather essential, especially when eating Bimimbap. The rice and other stuff gets stuck to the hot bowl. A spoon is much more useful than trying to pick this stuff with chopsticks. And, of course, the speed of eating becomes very high with spoon.

The strange thing is that this sort of utensil arrangement so far I have only seen in Korea. In China the chopsticks are thicker so they cannot be really used as a knife; the spoons are aslo different. Japan is sort of like China. Thailand uses western stuff at all.

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