Pinnacles National Monument

Well, first of all let’s try to get the map from EveryTrail. Otherwise it is here.

Pinnacles NM with North Chalone Peak. at EveryTrail

Map created by EveryTrail:GPS Geotagging

This time around Nani asked me to help him emotionally (I suppose) and with some map and terrain reading. The truth is that I have been to Pinnacles before, twice at least. Well, I have been to many places. It is not wise to go there in more warmer season. Plus it seemed that Nani once again came up with a new route.

Well, he did: the route went along a fence between Pinnacles NM and someones property. The fence, obviously not designed for hiking, went just straight across the hills. This meant that we had to almost climb some mountain vertically up. Besides that it was rather boring – it just went straight, no change in scenery at all.

But we did it at the end. It turned out a rather reasonable hike – there was a long hard climb in some bushes, then the North Chalone peack with great views, and rather shord walk down. Just the type of hike I like. We had some reasonable Mexican food on the way back somewhere in Hollister.

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