Going back

Well, the trip is almost over. Almost because I’m not back yet. There is still snowy weather in Seoul, which may lead to potential delays. The flight to Seoul was already delayed slightly. Hopefully it will not be delayed more and I will have enough time to get to the flight to SF. So what will happen if I miss the connection? Waste of time will happen. In good case I will stay some more time in Seoul, in bad case I will stay a lot of time in Seoul. The boss may say – just stay more, you are already there.

Which brings us to the point of back. Where is this place – back? Minsk, LA, Mountain View? I suppose the place you want to come back to is the place where you were happy. Where is that place in my life? We are talking about present time. Almost everyone was happy in their childhood, but you cannot go back there. Other than that – nothing. Well, it is good to stay in my parents’ place, but not to live there. It is good to stay here in Japan also. I don’t know about living here, though. It was good to stay in Thailand also. So based on all these it seems that it is actually fine in many places, just temporarily. Whenever there is something slightly permanent it never feels well for some reason.

It is nice not to be responsible in the long term. Just live as the days come. Maybe I just don’t have the attachment to a place. Yeah, whatever, live anywhere. With the current experience that I have I can really live in many places.


Hehe, it was raining here in Narita, now it is snowing, a little bit. It’s a rain with snow – sleet. Nasty stuff.

The workers of the airline are doing stretching exercise outside. Perhaps this is a new shift. It is a good idea actually. They do a lot of physical work, thus stretching is very useful for them.

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