Korea to Japan

It is 10:00AM exactly.

I’m waiting to board the flight to Tokyo in Incheon airport. The free NAVER WiFi network in the airport for some reason refused to work on my laptop. Well, at least they offer it. And perhaps with some effort I will be able to pass the “we are not responsible for any loss of data -> agree” screen. LAX doesn’t even offer that (Narita doesn’t offer free WiFi either). Maybe some other time.

Interesting thing is that the security people offer sleepers for you when you remove your shoes for checking. What a service! 

There is also kimchi in the souvenir shop. Fancy kimchi, not the regular stuff.  I should buy it on the way back. I guess that if they sell it here, then it is OK to bring it into US. It may be way much tastier than that soju thing. The is also a TNF shop. I was very tempted there 🙂 It is strange that there is such a shop in an airport. Pretty soon there will be REI perhaps. I guess TNF is becoming like a fashion company, like Louis Vuitton or some other stuff. Hehe, it would be interesting to see how most of the people who buy stuff there actually use them the way thy were intended to be used.

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