Holiday to Busyness

So, on some urgent note from the boss I’m going to Seoul. Fight fires, of course. One camera is not ready for CES, which is coming very soon. Well, we’ll see what will happen.

Oh, my – it is actually not very bright to write openly about work here – who knows how it may backfire, who knows what sort of trade secrets I may spread here, unknowingly.

Current mood is anxious.
Current system status is hungry.

This journal is actually written on paper – the old analog way. It’s 7:19 PM in SFO. I’m waiting to board the flight to LAX. I wonder how much this urgencywill actually make a difference. Time will tell, I suppose. Besides, in the current climate it is not very wise to complain. (Plus, this is foreign travel – should be very interesting) Man, I’m afraid to screw up. Maybe not screw up, but not to meet the colleagues’ expectations. The fact is, however, that I have no idea what they expect.

Gate A11 in the International Terminal in SFO. Domestic flight is fling from here. Interesting. I think I flew from here before; to Bangkok I believe. It was at more insane hour of the day – 1AM or something. Sweet, flying to LAX from here. What an overkill.

2 Hours Later.

Waiting for the flight to Korea. The LAX airport proved to be rather backward. The International terminal check in is quite a mess. People even have to carry their bags separately for the X-ray check. SFO is much better organized. I hope they odn’t lose my luggage. That will make for a really interesting trip.

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