Henry Coe in rain

One more hike with Nani, one more hike in the largest state park in California – Henry Coe SP. The plan was to do 27 miles on the shortest day of the year.

Well, the plans had to changed, as usual. The weather promised to be wet. One member of our small group wasn’t well prepared for the rain. So we decided to cut 7 miles from the milage. Still the hike was fun. The weather was my favorite – gray overcast. Then a bit after lunch rain started dribbling. It slowly increased to pretty consistent downpour. This time I was more prepared than before – my backpack rain cover worked fine. I just didn’t bring gaters (again).

After the hike I proposed to go eat Pho – nice warm salty fat soup. Great food after long cold hike. Well, not everyone’s tastes are the same. So we ended up going to some chinese Yummy Buffet. It was a bit less than so-so. Their clam shells with imitation crab were interesting. And they had tiramisu in the buffet. Fast food. I suppose that many things will taste well after 20 miles.

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