Down Jacket

For the past 4 days I have been agonizing about the exact down jacket to buy for the upcoming GC trip.

The cadidates so far are:

  1. Patagonia.
  2. Mountain HW LoDown.
  3. Mountain HW Sub Zero.
  4. The North Face.
  5. REI Antifreeze II
  6. Marmot Zeus.
  7. MontBell America, Inc. Alpine Light Down Jacket.

None of them is really the best. I guess nothing is. I’m just thinking about the most optimal in terms of – warmth, water resistance, quality, weight, abrasion resistance, and price.

Finally after some way too long discussion I settled on Marmot Zeus (gee, Amazon, couldn’t they find a bit more athletic dude to advertise? Well, I guess that yuppy on REI isn’t any better. At least Marmot itself doens’t anyone in it). So, they provide lifetime waranty. One nice feature that MontBell has is that its collar has fleece lining and it is not as puffy as a result. Well, perhaps the outer shell will flatten it out. Anyway, I guess Grand Canyon will test this piece of equipment. Strange, I wonder why MontBell doesn’t give lifetime waranty on their products.

One sad this is that I couldn’t bulge on paying extra for patagonnia product. It seemed better in some way, but the company also uses sustainable practices. Better for the environment. Shoot, my values were not really in line whis the walet.

Interesting this is that everyone really raves about theri stuff. Rarely did I see a bad review for any of that dozens of jackets I checked (except the one I bought, actually). In reality, perhaps Rita is right – if I did use it very often, as often as I use the rain coat, then the expence would eb justified. But I will probably won’t use it that much.

Just don’t forget ot register when it comes. Marmot has some strange system for their customers.

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