Angel of Decadence

Angel of Decadence

Originally uploaded by jameshill

Interesting, rather artistic photo.
The tattoo is also nice. I wonder if she has it all the time or it was made for this shot specifically.

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One Response to Angel of Decadence

  1. dirtclustit says:

    Good question. If it is just the first clothed shots of porn the chances of it being a temp increase
    When I, no, I’ve heard people often have very well done Tats that are not pinned in case someone I know
    They know recognizes them “holy shit! That’s so and so! Oh wait….nope he doesn’t have a tattoo there”

    And I liked decadence,

    I’m just a little nervous cause while I don’t think it IS actually on the list, it sounds like a cousin of sort to the 7 deadly sins

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