Big Basin SP

So, one more trip to Big Basin redwood forest. Happened this Saturday under the leadership of mister Viyasan. 


Nice hike – not too long, not too short.

Nice weather – not too hot, not too cold.

Culminating with a dinner at some indian place which name I forgot already (it is located after Borders on Univercity ave). Even Google doesn’t know about it for some reason.

I have actually been on the same path before. Visited the Bazzard’s Roost, also the same trail was done when that rainy hike (man, everythwas soaked except the socks). But still, it is a nice place. It seemed that there was a fire recently. Many places were skorreched. I can’t say that the forest was devastated, just burned a little. It is interesting that there were a lot of young redwood branches coming out on the burned trunks of the big redwoods. DSC_7544
So quickly. I’m not really sure when the fire was, but it seems that the forest regrows quickly.

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