Bear Box

So, after some years of renting bear boxed from Redwood I finally decided to get my own. $70 later I was a proud owner of the new sparkling BearVault BV500. It is a good box, at least comparing to the black backpacker cache, or so I thought. It has a nice wide opening, you can see through it, which makes it easy to find your stuff. it is also larger and lighter than the cache.

However, it turns out BV500 has two large shortcommings making it pretty much useless as a bear box (maybe it will work as a beer box, but I don’t know how hermetic it is):

  1. It is generally difficult to open. It is even more difficult to open when it is cold. There are small plastic tabs on the cap that have to be pressed to pass a small plastic tab on the base. The plastic there is heavy-duty, so pressing it or bending is not trivial.
  2. On top of this it seems that the bears can open it. Looks like double screw – I can’t open and bears can. It should be the opposite.

So, either I should return it or wait for a better model from either company.

Sad, I really liked this BV500. Backpacker cache looks a bit ugly and requires a tool. But at least it works as intended.



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1 Response to Bear Box

  1. ilya1725 says:

    The funny thing is that I still own this box. So far it served me well. It fits right exactly at the bottom of my Arkteryx Bora backpack; it is clear so it is easy to see what’s inside, and it is lighter and larger than the nearest alternative. However, I have never tried it on a real bear. The problem with opening got better after some use.

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