Sept 07.2008 Mt Tamalpais

The first entry to the hiking log.  Perhaps I will be able to document my outdoor adventures in more details. Let’s see how it will go.

Strange hike in Mt Tamailpais state park and some other one next to it. The original idea was to go to Wespoint Inn for pankakes and then do some sort of loop-back hiking. nani, for some reason, got overly excited about the pankake breakfast idea. It is a good idea, no doubt about it. However, next time I would do it differently:

  1. Get there really early. So early that by the time pankakes open (9AM) we would already do 2 or so hours of hiking. Then the appetite would be better.
  2. They give 4 large pancakes for $10. Perhaps they can be shared. Although after 2 hours of hiking I doubt that.

Anyway, Nani didn’t have much participation for his hike. Perhaps people were a bit afraid of the insane heat that would be on the trail. In fact, the first part was really exposed and quite hot. However, after 1PM or so we moved into the Redwood part of the park. It was very cool and shaded there. Perfect.

After the hike on my idea we stopped by that Russian store in SF. And then on Nani’s recomendation at some very Americanized chinese restaurant. He said that the food there is excellent. I will reserve my judgement about it.

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