The latest trip to Yosemite.

Backpacking for 4 days. As usual, the original plan wasn’t fulfiled to all 100%. One person have gotten altitude sickness, one person wanted to return early.

To tell the truth I have never backpacked in Yosemite before. The Kings Canyon seem to be my main area. It seemed to be working fi actually. In comparison, Yosemite seem to generate quite a bit of a headache in terms of permits, crowds, bears, etc.  Kings Canyon is much easier to handle (maybe not physically, though).


The company gathered very diverse, as usual. There was a lot of fun also.
All in all, it turned out to be a fun trip.
For some reason the weather was rather strange: it was hot in the Bay Area and at lower elevations. However, where we stayed (above 9000 ft), it was freezing cold after the sundown. Water froze in the bottles during the night. I also froze in my spiffy dawn 20F sleeping bag. Damn it – it should have held the temperature. Perhaps I should purchase a fleece liner to make things warmer.

It also turned out that my water filter was busted. There are cracks in the filter body that let water pass. So it basically passes water through, maybe just filters little dirt. I was wondering why it was pumping so well for so long.

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